It all started at Rainbow Serpent

On a dusty dance floor in 2016. I felt at home and was in awe amongst all the colour, the creativity, the costumes and the silliness. I took home a huge amount of inspiration.

I started making costume pieces for myself (pictured is the first collar I made in 2017) and several festivals and a couple of years later I sold my first item, a jacket I made for a girl who adored the jacket I was wearing at a festival.

where are we now

Fast forward Covid and a move from Melbourne to rural Gippsland with a lifestyle change was a nudge to make more fun things.

2021 Cultivators was born out of love of festivals and creating fun wear to friends.

In a world already full of stuff I strive to use repurposed and thrifted materials as much as possible and give new life to old garments or use a local pre order fabric store with no waste.

Why the name you ask? 

I have a huge appreciation for all the nonsense that happens around you on a festival dance floor, whether it be making friends with a stuffed unicorn, witty doof sticks, silly games or a beautiful piece of costume or outfit. 

It allows us to be child-like in our awe and playfulness, brings joy and magically transports you from every day worries, even if momentarily.

So I invite you to cultivate some nonsense to your life!